Amys Weird Habits · March 29, 2021 0

Doing Things for Me

I love to do the following things…

1. My nails
2. My hair
3. Shave my pussy
4. Wear make-up
5. Go clothes free

I’m not doing them because I am hoping to attract a man and if I do, my pussy needs to be bare. I shave my pussy because I fucking hate pubic hair. I think it’s disgusting. For those ladies who have it, you do realize you are peeing through it? That is fucking disgusting. Yuck.

I love painting my nails. I just do.

I guess I wear make-up when no one is around because I like to feel pretty. I do this even when Mother Nature calls every month.

In a previous post, I’ve mentioned that IO hate wearing clothes so I won’t dwell on that one.

I just felt like posting some weird shit about me. I am a weirdo. I own it.