Fuck Stories · April 24, 2021 0

Sometimes Lucky

This is most definitely an opinion.

I think it is easier to see what you are getting with women than men. By that I mean, when you take their clothes off.

I have found that women generally look the same with their clothes off. Granted, they may have some enhancements that may make their tits look bigger and other similar types of things. I think the post is that if I see a woman with small tits, when she removes her top I am fairly certain that I will see small tits.

Guys are different. We honestly don’t know what we’re getting until those pants drop. I’ve slept with tall guys that had small dicks and I’ve had smaller guys with huge dicks. I don’t think you can honestly estimate by other features.

I picked up a guy yesterday while I was grocery shopping and I didn’t give me thought to what I would get. I was horny and I needed to be fucked.

As it turned out, this particular younger guy had a solid nine inches. He proceeded to fuck the ever loving shit out of me with it. No names. No exchange of mobile numbers. We’ll probably never see each other again and I am perfectly fine with that.

The point of this post is that I think women get trapped because they date a guy and hold off on having sex only to find out later that he doesn’t do it for them sexually.

I like to fuck new people so I probably would never become trapped but I have a few girlfriends who definitely fall into that category.

Yes. They are miserable.