Fuck Stories · May 16, 2021 0

Just Because

I spent the entire day yesterday fucking an old friend of mine. He is hung and knows how to use it.

He did all kinds of things to me yesterday. I came, I squirted, and he made my eyes roll up in the back of my head. That rarely happens.

I loved everything he did. I loved the way he ate my pussy. I loved the way he kissed me. I loved feeling his mouth on my hard nipples.

There isn’t anything about yesterday’s fucking that I disapprove of.

Ok. Possibly there is that part at the end of the day when you are parting ways. He will ask the question “so, do you want to do this again sometime?”

The motions of making future commitments based on the good time that you just had. That is where a guy will lose me. You may think “what a cunt whore thing to say.” No. It isn’t if I established the rules up front.

I told him before we started that this was it. We’re not going to make any plans after this. You are not the only guy I fuck. You will never be the only guy I ever fuck. Because, that is where this is leading. That expectation from men blows my mind when boundaries have already been set.

I may have wanted to be with him again but when they play that card after the card has been forbidden, no way.