General Sex Rules

I have a couple of rules or maybe routines that I follow. I’m sharing them because that is what I do here.

1. I do NOT ever have sex with my shoes on. My theory has always been that if a woman is wearing shoes during sex, she isn’t enjoying it.

2. I don’t wear any clothing at all during sex. Again, I think leaving your bra on is stupid. You are missing out on the experience when you leave clothes on.

3. Your nipples get hard during anal sex. Don’t believe me? Watch any anal porn with a woman with dark brown nipples (like mine). They may not be hard when she has a cock inside her pussy but when she starts getting fucked in her ass hole, they most certainly will.

4. Squirting isn’t really peeing although I believe it is a mixture of the two things. I love doing it because it is such a loss of control. You get to a point where you can’t help it. You let loose and then your gentleman friend rams his cock inside right afterwards and your whole body shakes. Yes. Would definitely recommend.

5. I got a tattoo to make myself shave my pussy. This one is really more about my preferences but I didn’t use to always shave. My answer was to get a beautiful tattoo of a fairy right above my clit. If I want to enjoy it, I have to shave my pussy. I really like it so shaving has become part of my everyday routine. I can’t imagine having hair around my pussy anymore. That is not a bad thing.

6. I don’t have sex with men with pubic hair. I ask up front. If they have pubic hair, I’m not interested. It is disgusting. The smell. You take his cock in your mouth and right as you are going down to the base because he’s not very large, you smell is hair. If that makes you want to puke, you get the idea. Pubic hair in general is fucking stupid. Get rid of it. You won’t regret it.

7. I’m not a big fan of letting a man cum on my face. It is stupid. I don’t mind swallowing his cum. In fact, I rather enjoy it. I don’t mind a good cum bath. There is no better feeling than 4 or 5 guys squirting cum on your body. The last time I was able to do that, I squirted uncontrollably.

That is all of the big ones. I’ll post again if I think of more of them.