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Why I Write Erotica

I was raised in a nudist home with extremely liberal parents. That should clue you in right away. If there was a drug, my parents probably tried it. I believe this is why I hate clothes. I remember as a little girl having to get dressed to go out for something and crying my little eyes out because I hated wearing clothes.

Almost all of my trips with my parents as a kid were miserable if I had to wear clothes for any length of time. I was about seven when I first saw my parents having sex. I didn’t really know what I was watching but mom and dad looked like they were having fun. If they knew I was watching, they never said anything while they were fucking. I don’t even remember them glancing my way.

I asked about it later. My parents didn’t tell me cute little stories. They told me exactly what they were doing. It was called sex. This was when I found out that my dad’s pee pee was used for more than just peeing. It was the same with mom. I knew we peed from between our legs but I didn’t know that you could put something in there. Not only that, but that the act of doing it felt really fucking good.

I’m not sure what age I was when my mother introduced me to masturbation. I will say this. It was the best damn lesson I ever had. Instead of letting me fumble around and learn these things on my own, my mother really helped me avoid all of the stupid mistakes. I learned the right and wrong ways to do it. I was also allowed to do it at home whenever and where ever I wanted to. My parents literally didn’t care if I got myself off in my room or in the living room.

As I got older, my parents stopped trying to shield me from the sex they had. I was in my teens and I remember my mom sucking my dad’s dick while he was watching TV. She later sat on his cock and they fucked on the couch next to me. I didn’t really care. I didn’t think “OMG! What are they doing?” Sex was just something you did. It wasn’t some secret fucking thing. Not in my house. We cared about more important things. My mother was French so I’m sure that had a lot to do with the laze faire attitude towards nudity and sex.

I learned early on that nudity and pornography were completely different things and I knew why. Getting changed in the high school locker room did not have the impact on me that it did on my classmates. Only the girls who thought they were pretty flaunted what they had. The other girls tried to hide their nudity and it made the whole experience awkward for me. I understood that seeing them nude was pornographic. It was simple nudity but a few of the girls mothers didn’t quite understand the differences usually due to religious bias.

I was in high school when I met who would become one of my best friends. Her name was Kayla. She also came from a house similar to mine. She hated clothes as much as I did and we just hit it off. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that Kayla was a lesbian although she did date a guy here and there.

The first time I invited her over to my house we ended up eating each other’s pussy on my couch. I think that made our relationship even stronger. My parents stood in the shadows and watched us; actually, I thought that turnabout was fair play. Kayla made me cum so hard my eyes rolled back in my head. It was an orgasm that I will never forget. We still eat each other on occasion because sometimes you just get fucking horny.

I write erotica because my whole life has revolved around it. I have never been in a long term relationship because I don’t see a need for it. I like having the sexual freedom to decide who I am going to fuck and how I am going to fuck them. The idea of sucking the exact same dick every day seems like punishment to me. There are so many dicks and so little time. The same goes for pussy. I love pussy. All of the pussy, as long as it’s shaved. That goes for you guys as well. It is 2021, shave that shit. Seriously.

The only long term relationships that I have ever seen that truly work are relationships that are open. If you go to the grocery store and run into a guy with a big huge bulge in his pants, you should be freely allowed to explore that bulge. I love the feeling of a warm cock in my mouth and love the taste of cum. I can’t imagine having to taste the exact same cum day after day. I’ll admit that sometimes (it is rare) cum can taste nasty. I still don’t understand monogamy and I quite possibly, never will.

That concludes my big blurb about myself and why I write erotica. I live it every day. Whether we masturbate or fuck someone, we are all thinking about sex for at least part of the day. Own it. There is no need in this modern era to pretend that we don’t. “Is that bulge in your pants for me?” That is all you need to do. If you see someone with camel toe, the same thing applies. “Hey gorgeous, is that camel toe for me?”

Happy fucking.